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The Premiere Video workouts, body transformation site on the web!
Liveexercise is THE leading provider of Online video At Home Workouts .
We offer incredible “live” and on demand workout shows/classes that
are designed to produce results – FAST

Workouts for every goal or need
Whether you are looking to build up, or slim down you will find
programming to fit your needs.

Exercise guesswork…a thing of the past!
It’s real simple, you log in to liveexercise.com… you follow along with
the workouts…you see results!

liveexercise workout categories:

Reality Video workouts – “live” is better

The better the content, the better chance you have to succeed
What’s the big deal with “live” reality style workout shows? Think
about the connection that you feel to your favorite radio show
personalities or morning show hosts. They make each day a little
better and easier to deal with, don’t they? You almost feel
like you are one of a crew. But why? The reason is that
you get to see and hear them every day REAL TIME.

A REAL connection with your instructors/workout partners
You share in their lives you get to know them like friends.
Liveexercise.com understands this which is why are shows
are “live”. Our instructors become your real life workout
partners almost every day. The bond with a workout partner
is unique. You struggle through a difficult experience together and
it makes you feel a connection that others will not comprehend.
Once the cameras start rolling – we don’t stop!

At home workouts available on Liveexercise.com

The largest collection of full length workouts

The largest collection of full length workouts
Liveexercise currently offers over 2200 full length video workouts.
As impressive as this number is, it is always growing as we film and
archive new shows every day. Below is the current line up of shows
that you will be able to access on liveexercise. More incredible
shows are on the way! Click on a show title to see more info.

Recent Shows

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    X Online Workout for Legs and Triceps – Your Leg muscles are the largest muscle group in your body, so show them love with a great online workout for Legs and Triceps. Watch this high energy episode from the Chiseled strength and muscle training series. Liveexercise offers workouts [...]

  • Power Yoga for Fat Loss

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    X Power Yoga for Fat Loss – Balance your day out with a relaxing yet challenging yoga session! Join LiveExercise for a fantastic Power Yoga for Fat Loss video that will get your blood flowing and the endorphins going. Follow along with our trainer/your teacher in this online [...]

  • Resistance Routine and Shoulders and Biceps

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    X Resistance Routine and Shoulders and Biceps – Serious about packing on muscle and want to take your workouts to the next level? Join LiveExercise for a great resistance routine for Shoulders and Biceps that will help you build incredible strength in only 38 minutes! Follow along with [...]

Befores and afters

Real people just like YOU have changed their bodies and lives!
We could talk about the benefits of liveexercise until we are blue in
the face. However, these words mean nothing without proof. Look to
the left and you will see some of the proof.

OUR member transformations took place right in their own homes
All of the befores and afters that we display were taken by liveexercise
members during our transformation contests. No gimmicks, no magic pills,
no regular visits to OUR studio, just amazing at home workouts and support
from liveexercise instructors and other members. If you would like to end
up on this page too, Sign Up today!

Our trainers

The BEST trainers in the industry
liveexercise.com hires trainers for 3 reasons:

  1. Industry knowledge
  2. Intensity
  3. Personality

This site is based upon “reality” to make the workouts more interesting
and fun. Our instructors are hand picked so that they make you
feel good about you, which will keep you coming back day after day.

Sara Castro

Sara is your co-instructor for Chiseled. She
has been involved in athletics her entire life
and even played collegiate ice hockey
in Boston. She has been personal training
for over 10 years.

Sara has a MBA with a BS in Exercise
Science from Barry University.

Cristina McDaniel

Cristina McDaniel – Christina is your co
instructor for Chiseled Cardio, Kenpo Cardio,
Yoga, and Dueling treadmills workouts.

She has been active in multiple sports
and is currently a bootcamp/aerobics
instructor, as well as personal trainer
in Vero Beach for 3 years.


Andy is your instructor for the Chiseled
Dumbbells show. He started his path in fitness
when he was 15 and undersized in comparison
to his peers. So, he started training! By the time
he was 18, he weighed 195lbs.

He holds a degree in Kinesiology from Bowling
Green and is currently one of the founders of
Slash Fitness in Delray Beach Florida.

Scott Hartnett

Scott is your instructor for various 10 Minute
Tornados, Eight pack and Tx2. He has been
involved in athletics his entire life and has been
personal training since 2006. Scott’s mission is
to provide quality instruction and unique

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Biology and

Blake Kassel

Blake Kassel is the founder of liveexercise.com
and Bodylastics international Inc. Blake’s
passion and love for exercise began after
seeing his first pro bodybuilding show when
he was 11 years old. It never stopped.

Blake is your instructor for Chiseled and various
10 Minute Tornados

Steve Pfiester

Steve is your instructor for the Chiseled Cardio,
Kenpo Cardio, Yoga, sports specific and
Dueling treadmills workouts. He has been
a host and trainer on TV for ABC’s Fat March
and Bridal Bootcamp on VH1.

Steve has helped thousands of people get
astonishing results through his BCX
Florida-based boot camp.

Heather Overholt – Cardio Exercise

Heather is your instructor for the Bodylastics
Toning Class. She is a well respected and
known instructor in the South Florida area
with a large following. It is for these reasons
that liveexercise.com recruited her to lead the
Liveexercise Toning workouts online.

Heathers classes are super high energy and
best of all effective!

Fully functioning social community

1000s of workout partners around the globe
Liveexercise is the most incredible social site
on the planet. Why? Unlike other social communities,
our members (workout partners) all have something
in common. They all struggle and fight through a similar
difficult experience (the workout) every day.

A Strong bond with other positive people = Success
Sharing difficult experiences with others creates a bond
which is incredibly strong.
Teammates, soldiers and workout partners all share
this type of bond – now you feel it too right online.
The atmosphere is positive and the encouragement
is constant. You WILL stick with this workout program!

Periodic Cash Contests

Competition is a great motivator!
Even though you will get a ton of motivation and
support from our trainers and other members we know
that sometimes you need that extra push. That’s why
liveexercise.com offers periodic contests with cash prizes.
Our #1 goal is your success and competition brings out the
best in everyone.

The best workouts on the planet for the price of a cup of coffee

For less than one large coffee per month you will gain access to workouts and a website that will change your life.
The folks at liveexercise.com have worked incredibly hard to build a business model which would make the best
at home workouts affordable to everyone. Take advantage of their efforts



  • Over 1850 Full Length Workout Videos
  • Workouts For Almost Every Goal
  • View On Multiple Devices
  • Multiple Bitrate Streaming For Better Delivery
  • Fully Functioning Social Community
  • Easy To Navigate Show Structure
  • “On Air” Shoutouts From Instructors
  • “Live” Recording Format To Decrease Boredom
  • Unlimited Viewing For All Shows
  • Periodic Cash Contests To Boost Motivation
  • Closed Member Area To Preserve Privacy
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Visible Results In As Little As 3 Weeks

LiveExercise.com Testimonials

What are liveexercise members saying?
Below you find a very small handful of testimonials from real liveexercise.com members. They sound too good to be true, don’t they? Well, we
can assure you that they 100% legit and most likely you will come into contact with these folks if you become a member too. There is one
testimonial that we were not able to post… YOURS! If you want to feel the way that these members feel and experience the same type of results
Join us!

“Your product and your show have changed my
entire life. I am 50 years old and have been overweight
and out of shape the whole time with maybe my early
childhood as the exception. At 5’9″, I hovered around
235 pounds. I have been a road warrior for a software
company for the last 25 years and basically did not get
any exercise or workout and my eating habits were horrible.
I have been working out with you and Ashanti, and now
you and Sarah ever since. I have lost 70 pounds to arrive
at my current 165, and I look and feel great!! I owe it all
to you and your program. You guys keep me going on a
daily basis.” – Chris P

“I am a 56 year old female.I have always exercised with
Free weights and weight machines.I bought my bands
in January of 2010 and the difference is amazing.My arms
look better than ever and my overall body shape is
awesome.I love working out with Blake and Ashanti as
well as with the other instructors when I want to do
something different.The best decision I made was buying
these bands and joining Liveexercise.com for the classes
Thanks Blake for helping us all and keeping us entertained
while improving our bodies.” – Beverly M.

“Liveexercise.com is like being a member of a gym with
MULTIPLE classes and one on one trainers available for
you at all times. You really do get the one on one feel from
the instructors with every show. You can tell they really
care about your results and are working to give you the
best workout possible. With this site, you can’t get bored!
It’s impossible with all of the workout options available. I
personally have been re motivated because of this site and
can say that I am finally back on track with my workouts
Keep up the great work guys!!” – Shaun M.

“This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I got
the bands a year ago, before I moved here to Singapor
on a gig. Although I’ve enjoyed them, finding these
videos is PRICELESS. I have to get in great on-camera
shape before I return to LA in November, and the
schedule on LiveExercise.com is nearly the exact
same as the one I had put together for myself after
HOURS on the internet researching workout programs
actors have employed to get into great shape. And I
don’t even have to do it by myself! I’ll be following a
week behind on the workouts due to time zones.
Really enjoyed Kenpo ( been doing Muay Thai here
in Sing) and look forward to Chest, Back and Arms
later today! Thank you for solving the “problem”!”
- Seth A.

“I did p90x a year ago. The only exercise activity that I
would recomend now is these great shows. I love the
workouts and have to say that they kick butt. I think all
of you do a great job. Keep the great work going because
we need you guys!!!” – R.J. Holmes Jr.

“These programs are unbelievable! The bands are high
quality, and the workouts fun, and intense. I started
showing a difference after 3 weeks and I am looking
forward to changing my whole life. Thanks everyone
from Bodylastics!” – Karen K.

“Blake, I have to tell you, to my amazement, I’m already
seeing changes in my body in ONE WEEK with Bodylastics
and LiveExercise.com’s workouts. I took my boys swimming
and after was wringing out the wet clothes, which happened
to be in front of a mirror. I thought to myself, “something
looks weird”…and I realized as I was wringing out the clothes -
there’s muscle starting to peek out behind the flab!
I’ve gained more in one week with your site and equipment
than I did with over a month of other workouts. I’m grateful
I found the site, and this is the motivation I need to not just
stay with it, but hit it harder and harder.” – Frank D