Workout Description

Chest Workouts For Size – Try out the intense chest workouts for size HERE at If you have a set of dumbbells and a bench, then you owe it to yourself to give this episode of the Chiseled Dumbbells a shot. Check out the small video snippet on this page. Andy Z, our pro instructor/your workout partner will lead you through a grueling variable speed reps/cardioacceleration chest and back routine. This type of workout is not for the ordinary, and your results will be anything but ordinary. All this month (series) the workouts were kicked up a notch by slowing down the reps at the beginning of every set and then speeding them up with reps to failure. Forget the usual and boring three sets of eight to ten repetitions. Andy has been leading this show for 9 months and he could not believe how sore his muscles were from this series. If you do not know how to start, we have you covered. Simply join, turn on this episode and follow along – that is it! Sweat, soreness and resuts are all guaranteed – Join us! Episode 114