Workout Description

Kids Exercise Videos – You have found the number one spot for kids exercise videos,! Liveexercise offers incredible kids exercise programming which is designed to get them moving and sweating, all under the disguise of having a blast. The episode that is highlighted on this page is from the “playtime” rookies show. Led by Aaron S, our pro instructor, this high energy episode is designed for kids 6 to 9 years of age. Many kids today do not get the necessary daily exercise that they need. Schools have been cutting back on the Phys Ed programs and computers and video games are more easily accessible. The team HERE at liveexercise is on a mission to change all of that. We have worked hard to make it super easy. Once you join you simply locate this episode, press “play” and then your little guys/gals follow along – that is it. Children of the liveexercise adult members have been asking for these sessions by name every single week. Come and find out why. Heck, the workouts are so much fun, you may just want to jump in yourself! Healthy exercise habits need to start early. Let liveexercise help – Join us! Episode 8