Best Kids Exercise – Access Anywhere

Liveexercise offers amazing kids exercise programs. Let’s face it, kids in this day and age do NOT get enough exercise. Between budget cuts at schools, and ever better/more accessible video games, many kids are inactive. That is why Liveexercise went to the drawing board and came up the the “playtime rookies” (kids 6 to 9) and “playtime Pros” (kids 9 and older) workouts.

Both shows are led by veteren kids exercise expert, Aaron S. All of the movements are age appropriate and designed to help strengthen and stretch growing bodies. Your kids will jump, your kids will sweat, your kids will have a blast. Heck, these shows are so much fun, you will want to join in.

The response from these classes has been through the roof, and kids have been asking their parents to make them available every week. Great exercise habits start early. Now you have an exercise solution to get your little guys/gals moving and grooving, from anyplace that has access to the internet. Join us! Click on a link below to read more about each show: