If you are looking for lean elongated beautiful muscles, then a Pilates workout is for you! Pilates is a system of exercises that were designed during the First World War by Joseph Pilates, a German/Greek gymnast. The Pilates moves are graceful, challenging and best of all, effective. It is for this reason that many celebrities and models do Pilates workouts. The Pilates classes on LIVEexercise will enable you to get an amazing Pilates workout, almost anywhere. Traditionally, most Pilates studios and instructors use a “reformer” to train their clients. LIVEexercise Pilates classes use resistance bands to create the resistance. Get an amazing Pilates workout with equipment that is compact and 1/20th the price.

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  1. I had no idea these Pilates classes were even back…and now they are gone! At least I have a few new episodes to go through in the archives. :)