4000+ Streaming Follow Along Video Workouts

LIVEexercise is the #1 destination for online, on-demand video workouts for at home and on the go.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced members gain unlimited access to over 4000 streaming routines, with new classes filmed LIVE every week.


Amazing Transformations!

How effective are the online workouts? See for yourself. The transformation that LIVEexercise members have achieved shock even us! No Photoshop, no visits to the exercise studio. The transformations highlighted on the left were real LIVEexercise members who worked out with us at home. They did it, why can’t you? It’s your turn. Join the most supportive and incredible exercise community on the internet.

A perfect workout, just for you

LIVEexercise has a workout for you! With over 4000+ videos from 30 different series we have exercise programming that will fit your needs. Are you a first time beginner? We have you covered! Elite athlete, we have you covered! Find your LIVEex workouts by clicking through the process below:


Some of the LIVEexercise Features

1000's of Workouts

Our massive video library will enable you to find the perfect workouts to reach your goals.

LIVE Show Format

LIVEex shows are filmed “LIVE”. This format makes them raw, real, and more engaging.

New Weekly Workouts

We film new fresh workouts every single week to eliminate boredom, and keep your results moving in the right direction.

Interactive Platform

Unlike DVDs and other online platforms, interact with instructors online and “LIVE” during “LIVE” Shows.

Supportive Community

Connect and get motivated with workout partners from around the globe.

Top Instructors

LIVEex instructors are super motivating, personable and knowledgeable about proper training techniques.


Unlimited access to the massive LIVEex library costs about $.25 a day!

Watch Almost Anywhere

LIVEexercise is internet based, so you can pull it up on your computer, phone, tablet, and Roku Box.

"LIVE" Online Workouts are better!


LIVEex shows are filmed LIVE for a reason. “LIVE” shows help create a connection between you and your online workout partner/instructor. When it’s filmed “LIVE” there is nowhere to hide – no retakes, no breaks, no BS!

If you want videos that use make-up artists and rehearsed routines, then LIVEex is not for you. However, If you want the real deal, with instructors that struggle with the workouts and real life (just like you) – then you are in the right spot!

LIVEexercise has the best instructors/trainers in the industry.


LIVEexercise hires trainers for 3 reasons:

How we stack up...

How does LIVEexercise compare to other online workout sites? Take a look at the chart below and make your own decision:



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