Home Workout For Men To Build Serious Muscle: 

Hey workout partners. Hi, It’s Blake Kassel. Today I want to go over a home workout for men, that will build incredible muscle. The strategy for the home workouts is called Four Minute Muscle.

You can do this workout strategy with any type of resistance, however for today let’s use resistance bands or dumbbells. My preference...Bands.!

This muscle building strategy was presented to me by Dr. Jim Stoppani, a top muscle development expert. In my opinion, he is one of the leading resources for muscle building on the planet. We took this strategy and ran with it.

Below you will find the written explanation of 4 Minute Muscle. For Todays Four minute muscle session, we will do Hammer Curls.

If you want to go through an example of this workout together, click this link for the video: home workout for men to build muscle. 

Hammer curls work the Biceps Muscles, (the two arm muscles on the top of your arm) For tips on form and set up click this link: Hammer Curls.

Here is how 4 Minute Muscle works:
Total Time: 4 Minutes
Minimum # of reps to complete: 40


  • First set your timer for four minutes.
  • Next, choose your resistance - I want you to choose a resistance that will cause you to struggle and fail at about 15 reps, maybe a maximum of 20.
  • Start the timer.
  • Begin pumping out your reps. When you cannot do another rep, you take a quick break (3 or 4 seconds) to recharge. Then, do your reps again until failure.
  • Repeat  the reps to failure and rest over and over until the four minutes is up.
  • You want to get a minimum of 40 reps, however, if you can do more than 40 - keep going!!!

4 minute muscle is intense. It's going to add muscle, guaranteed. Remember, your muscles have to adapt to the stresses that you place on them. How do they adapt? By getting bigger and stronger.

When people tell me that they cannot get sore with resistance bands, this is usually the workout that I recommend. 100% of the time they get sore.

I Hope you guys got a lot out of this blog post. Remember, to get more information from me about home workouts go to our main blog page: https://liveexercise.com/blog/


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