Joel Johnson: Looked awesome, will prob be my Tuesday workout and have lots of shows to get caught up on. Probably be a Cardio/Yoga Week for me until Chisel is back
Joel Johnson: @Shawn J: You're right! LiveEx is where it's at!
Shawn J: So good to be back!!!
Joel Johnson: And here we go!
Dustin Ours: @Shawn J: I dread the lunges!
Dustin Ours: @Joel Johnson... True
Joel Johnson: @Shawn J: You aren't the only one! Lunges are a killer!!
Joel Johnson: And watching instead of doing might be a good learning experience, can always pick up something new!
Shawn J: Don’t know about anyone else, but those darn lunges get me every time. Still sore from them!!!!
Joel Johnson: @Michael: Thanks! @Dustin Ours: My thoughts exactly, only reason is if I push too hard the stitches might fall off. So going to keep it to Flex only until I see Doc on Monday afternoon.
Dustin Ours: Yep... Better a few days than a few months because you pushed it too far!
Shawn J: Good Morning & Happy Friday Chiseled Warriors!!
Michael: Joel Get well soon Health is everything
Joel Johnson: Thanks! I'll be fine, just have to be careful for a few days. Better safe then sorry
Dustin Ours: You too, Joel! Get better soon!
Joel Johnson: @Dustin Ours: same for me too Dustin, got one in last week. Enjoy!
Joel Johnson: GoodMorning! Watching from the sidelines while I recover, can't wait to be back next week!!
Dustin Ours: Looking forward to a LIVE Chiseled workout... I haven't caught one live since the first of the year
Robyn Cifuentes: It band gets me every time ! Xoxo
anthony healy: love the stretch thanks Robyn
Joel Johnson: Looking forward to this one Robyn! Will be hitting it asap
Joanna: Woohoo girl! Glad to catch you live! smile
Robyn Cifuentes: Who's reaadyyyy to ruumbbbbleeee ...i mean yoga!!!
Darryl: I was up but doing Power Training. Wish I would of known sooner I would of did Chiseled then Power Training.
margaret: Way to go, you guys! Brutal on the shoulders, esp after snow shoveling, @Joel johnson!
Joel Johnson: Didn't have time to grab the heart rate monitor but I'm drenched in sweat and shaking so I think that's a good indicator it was brutal! Great workout, thanks Blake and Ashanti!
Jon Hacking: Great Video by Slash Fitness by the way. Workout looked great
gman1341: just finished legs on restor8 and saw this going live
Jon Hacking: late one for me 7.55PM here
Joel Johnson: @margaret: Good Morning! Lol...3:15 you're a beast!! It's 7:15 here
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