Darryl: That is the name of that game. I would rather work hard at working out then at work. LOL
Joel Johnson: @Darryl: Good Luck Darryl, try not to work too hard!
Darryl: Got to fly, have to head to work by 9am till close to midnight then workout Saturday morning then have to go in by 8am Saturday and work till only God knows when. Most time I work from home on the weekends, this week I have to go in. devil
Joel Johnson: @Dustin Ours: haha! Think it's time to put in a request for golf carts!
Joel Johnson: @Darryl: Ok thanks, think I'm going to go camping with the little guy tonight so I'll probably have to catch it later on
Darryl: 6:30am for Chiseled Saturday.
Joel Johnson: I didn't catch that
Joel Johnson: @Darryl: When did he say it will be?
Darryl: Blake I will be in bed by 1am and be back up by 5:30am if not earlier. I will be here live.
Dustin Ours: @Joel Johnson... They don't use carts for disc golf or I would use one today for sure!
Joel Johnson: @Dustin Ours:That' what golf carts are for!
Dustin Ours: @Joel Johnson. I'll just let the other person carry me so they're nice and worn out too!
Joel Johnson: @Dustin Ours: Haha! Now do Cardio and you won't be able to walk while you're at it! Who needs legs and arms for disk golf?!?
Dustin Ours: @Joel Johnson...It's frisbee golf. You throw the disc into a chain link goal. Fun stuff. Especially when you can't feel your arms. lol
Joel Johnson: @Dustin Ours: Haha! I'm not sure what disc golf is but sounds like not being able to move your arms will just add to the fun!
Dustin Ours: @joel Johnson... Same here. I'm supposed to play disc golf at 10:00. I won't be able to move my armssmile
Joel Johnson: @Darryl: Glad you got it going
Darryl: Computer screen was black and only voice, loaded up the phone and perfect. The computer is back up and running and the phone is 1 minute or so behind. I left both running.
Joel Johnson: @Dustin Ours: I hear it's brutal too!
Steve Hicks: Look at 18 workout partners! Not sure what the max has been but that is great. Should be 100
Dustin Ours: @JoelJohnson... Do it! If I have time I'll do it toosmile
Jfreiler: Good AM. Bring it on
TEE Man: Thanks Rick, got chased off Cape Cod by the weather
Darryl: Good morning.
Rick Whitley: Robyn, looking forward to the new LEX Flex this weekend. I need the recovery after this week of Chiseled.
Joel Johnson: Do I dare do this Chisel and yesterday's Cardio back to back??
Rick Whitley: Good morning crew! Tee Man, hope that you had a good vacation.
Greg Kushmerek: Just did 60 of cardio; now let the sweatfest continue...
Joel Johnson: Good Morning Workout Partners! Chisel Chest/Biceps, let's do this!
Bensam: Good Morning!
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