Darryl: Ashanti, that just gross, wish I would of thought of that when my kids were being trained.
Darryl: Freezing in Michigan and got hit with another snow storm.
Darryl: Bands ROCK!
Matt Voss: Yeah chest won't be fun but we can get through it together!
Shawn J: Good Morning Warriors!!
KellyK: Ewww, nasty push-ups.
fathead: tuning in from work, hitting this tomorrow
Matt Voss: No better way to start a week of vacation than working out with Ashanti!
Michael: Good morning everyone
Darryl: Good morning. Ready willing and able to hit this one today!
Matt Voss: Good morning workout partners!!!
Doriann Patrick: Will do this tomorrow, thanks for the commitment Blake.
Michael: THANKS for the workout after your trip Blake!!!!
Darryl: Awesome watching on phone and computer, phone is behind.
Darryl: Good afternoon.
Robyn Cifuentes: 5 minutes to go LIVE
Talie Salzl: Now time to eat. I was up at 5:30. I did a chiseled from pod 1 arms and shoulders and then most if the bcx live and finally this. KILLER!!!Think I'll do your latest flexibility later Robyn. Thanks for the shout out. Thanks Steve
KellyK: Great workout! Thanks Steve and Robyn!!
Joel Johnson: After this I think it was nice to miss Steve! LOL! Thanks...this really got my heart rate up!
Robyn Cifuentes: Going LIVE in 10,9,8.......
Talie Salzl: That was supposed to be potatoes
Talie Salzl: Depot atones are boiling and onions are chopped. Wonder if I can fry the onions. Sorry Kelly
KellyK: @Joel Johnson, I’m feeling a little peanut butter and jelly of you at this momentwink
Joel Johnson: @KellyK: haha I'm in the same boat as you! Just had an apple so I can hold off until after
KellyK: WooHoo! I’m “starving” and there’s all kinds of chatter about perogies..oh manwink the fastest I get this over with, the sooner I can eat! That’s why I workout after allwink
Joel Johnson: @Robyn Cifuentes: Whoohoo!
Robyn Cifuentes: 5 minute count down!
Joel Johnson: @Talie Salzl: haha! Mail order perogies!
Talie Salzl: Let me know wh n that's happening. I could always mail them
Joel Johnson: @Talie Salzl: It's only 8 hours to Saskatoon, lol. But it is on my way home for whenever I drive it back.
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