Beginner Workouts

LIVEexercise redefined Beginner Workouts with a program that starts at the very bottom, and then progresses month to month. We proudly would like to introduce you to "Launchpad"

We created the Launchpad Workout Series after receiving valuable feedback from our members.

Many of them wanted to do the workouts but were simply not at a high enough level to participate.

So off to the drawing board we went. One of our main goals was to make the workouts possible for even the most de-conditioned individuals.

So we designed a program that would start from Level 0. The first month of Launchpad (Stage 1) presents all of the exercises from a seated position.

Month two progresses to seated and standing exercises.

Finally stage three utilizes exercises that are all performed froim a standing position.

The response to the program has been incredible, especially since Rob G helps lead the workouts, even though he was over 500 lbs.

If you have just about lost all hope - START HERE!

What Do Our Members Think?

When we created Launchpad Beginner Workouts, we never expected that the response would be like this! We knew that we did the right thing when we saw the comments from folks that had lost hope. Everyone deserves to feel and move with less pain, or no pain at all. Take a look at some of the comments below:

This is my first workout. I thought this would be easy, but it was challenging. Burns, but a good burn. I am 80 pounds overweight and believe that I am going to gain my mobility and fitness and weight loss through live exercise. So glad I found program.

Tricia H

I am disabled and I had to find a program that I could do sitting down. This program is going to be perfect for me, I am so excited to have this part of my getting healthy goals !!


I have RA. I stopped exercising 10 years ago. I had a knee replacement 7 months ago and I am now back in the game. Thanks so much!!

Lisa B

I invested in myself today, because I need to get moving..Thank you for this, much needed to believe again.


Completed Ep.1 via YouTube. Was great! Its why I signed up today. Looking forward to following through with this program.

Jazzy G

Start Moving And Feeling Better, Today!

Don't go another with pain and stiff muscle or joints. Life is NOT a dress rehearsal! Start feeling better and live your life the way that you envisioned. Your body will thank you tomorrow for getting started today. Join us!