Bodyweight Workout Routines

We use Top South Florida Personal Trainers to lead cutting edge, Bodyweight Workout Routines, Guaranteed to bring results without a single piece of equipment

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Bodyweight Workouts Routines are the most convenient workouts on the planet. You can literally do them anywhere, anytime.

But are they effective? If you do them correctly, Heck Yes! You can building incredible endurance, burn fat and YES BUILD MUSCLE.

LIVEex members LOVE killer bodyweight workouts, which is why we assembled incredible instructors to lead our classes.

We are lucky because LIVEexercise is in a hotbed of some of the best trainers in the country. We hand picked the Bodyweight instructors to provide the best workout experience and results!

You simply press "play" and then follow along. Never workout alone or guess what will work again. Join us!

LIVEex Members RAVE About Our Bodyweight Workout Routines

The best place to get information is from the horses mouth. Look below to view some typical member comments:

Started my regular workouts after a long break (pregnancy and back injury) This was tough and I LOVED IT Thank you

Alzbeta M

I struggle to keep up with you Rod, but I’m going to keep trying. Thanks for the motivation.


I finally caught up with these shows, and wow, they’re awesome. Rod, you really know how to keep things moving and keep the time flying. Great, great show!

Drew T

Awesome as always! Loved the last minute blitz!


That ending was the frosting on my workout cupcake!


WOW…that is all I have to say…WOW.I am working out of town and thought I would try body-weight stuff in my hotel room…I am DRIPPING sweat..!THANK YOU Rod..!

Tina M

30 Minutes from now you could be sweaty and feeling AMAZING! You have nothing to lose. I promise you that if you try a LIVEex bodyweight workout you will love it 🙂 Our members rave about these shows and you will too! - Blake