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Have blast as you kick, punch and block your way to a lower number on the scale

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Kick, Punch and Block your way to serious results!

Exercise needs to be fun and effective at the same time. Otherwise you just won't do it. We know this which is why we offer super fun, Butt Kicking Online Cardio Kickboxing Classes. The beauty of Cardio Kickboxing (besides the fact that you feel like a bad *ss) is that one part of your brain is thinking about the combinations and moves. This leaves little room for the other part of your brain that is thinking about how much your are sweating, or how hard you are working.

There are a number of advantages with kickboxing workouts:

  • Easy Moves That Kick Butt
    The actual exercises for kickboxing are simply to understand and do. Kick, Punch and Block, you can do that!
  • We Handle The Boring Part
    We write the routines and lead them, that's the good news. The better news is that you simply have to follow along :)
  • Better Results
    Kickboxing on your own? Where is the fun in that? Get motivated and push harder along with our instructors.
  • Convenience
    Take these amazing workouts with you anywhere. Have downtime at the office? Burn some calories!

What Others Have To Say:

LIVEex Members aren't shy! Here are some typical comments from a Cardio Kickboxing Episode:

Rick W. LIVEex Member

"Cat, that was a fun workout! I needed a good low impact cardio for this morning and this was it for sure. I will be back for future episodes."

Michelle LIVEex Member

"Another fun one Cat! 238 calories in that 28 minutes. Woohoo!!! Those sumo squats are getting easier as the weeks are going by, but definitely don’t seem easier as the seconds are going by!"

Hannah J. LIVEex Member

"Can I just say how much I LOVED this workout!! SO GOOD!!!"

You will thank yourself for taking these classes. Best of all you can do them right in your bedroom or living room. Have a family? Get them all to do it with you! Now everyone can get in better shape.

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