Dumbbell Workout Routine

Renegade training site, LIVEexercise films and records non-traditional Dumbbell Workout Routines that Pack On Muscle - Guaranteed!

You've NEVER Done Dumbbell Workouts like this!

Stop wasting your time with 3 sets of 10 reps. It's not getting you anywhere, right?

It's time that you trained primal! Like you have never trained before. Beyond your limits. Forget what you know from, or have done at the gym. You have NEVER used your dumbbells like this!

If your muscles  need an intense, hardcore Dumbbell Workout Routine, then it's time that you followed along with "Chiseled Dumbbells". Every full length video is guaranteed to force your muscles to grow.

Forget hours in the gym! We pack an hour and a half worth of muscle work into a condensed 30 minute session.

Our instructors become your real life workout partners. Their mission is to make sure that every single workout you conquer together, adds strength and size for you AND them!

What do our members think of these intense Dumbbell Workout Routines?

That was a KILLER! !


Well, that hurt. I would say it hurt in a good way, but I’m having trouble even typing this right now. My triceps ache all the way down to my wrists… Nice job, Brandon. Looks like it’s going to be a “fun” month!


Swole after this one. This is going to be a challenging series. Already regretting doing legs. I was about 3 minutes from completing this workout when my 4 year old son walks into the room, looks at me and says “daddy, you need to call a doctor. You don’t look so good.” LOL

Chad B

Great workout! Thanks Brandon! hammys are feeling it!

Eddie Mac

Loved this workout! Great kick in the pants after slacking off this holiday season. Let’s do this!!


Every Month, We Change The Dumbbell Workout Routines To Keep The Results Rolling In 

If you work your muscles the same way week after week, month after month, they will get used to the routine.

Ever notice that most of the guys in the gym never look any different? They do the same workout every time and therefore their muscles never change.

We use muscle building strategies that are certainly not the norm. 4 minute muscle, 3 and 3, muscle gambling, and so many more.

Our goal is to make sure that your muscles never get used to the new method of training. This usually happens after 3 to 4 weeks.

You will notice it because your muscles will become less sore after each workout.

Start Gaining Serious Muscle With Your Dumbbells Today

You spend or plan to spend your precious time every week to build your body with Dumbbells. The gains in size and strength have to follow. We are devoted and committed to insuring that you see the changes that you expect. I guarantee that all of our Dumbbell Workout Routines are what we claim. Give this a shot today, you will be glad that you did - Blake