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Stop wasting your time with 3 sets of 10 reps. It's not getting you anywhere, right? It's time that you trained primal! Like you have never trained before. Beyond your limits. Forget what you know, or have done at the gym in the past. You have NEVER used your dumbbells like this! This is Chiseled Dumbbells! In every episode we push you with unconventional muscle building strategies that work your muscles harder, better! We pack an hour and a half worth of muscle work into a condensed 30 minute session.

There are a number of advantages with this workout program:

  • The Best Exercises
    Learn the exercises that harness the properties of Free Weights to work the muscles unusually hard.
  • Guess Work? Not Here!
    Forget memorizing a routine, or referring to a sheet. You simply start a video episode and follow along.
  • Better Results
    Our instructor is your workout partner. Studies prove that working out with a partner yields better results.
  • Convenience
    Take these killer routines with you down to your basement, the local gym, health club, hotel gym, anywhere! 

What do our members think of these intense Dumbbell Workout Routines?

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Tess LIVEex Member

"My triceps ache all the way down to my wrists… Nice job, Brandon. Looks like it’s going to be a “fun” month!"

Chad B. LIVEex Member

"Swole after this one. This is going to be a challenging series.

Eddie M. LIVEex Member

"Great workout! Thanks Brandon! Hammys are feeling it!"

You spend or plan to spend your precious time every week to build your body with Dumbbells. The gains in size and strength have to follow. I guarantee that all of our Dumbbell Workout Routines are what we claim. Give this a shot today, you will be glad that you did - Blake

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