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You've Never Used Your Exercise Ball Like This! You know that exercise stability ball that is half deflated and unused sitting in the corner of your spare room? Go Inflate it! We have created INCREDIBLE full length Exercise Ball Workouts designed to work your entire body. Exercise balls are amazing for exercises targeting the Legs, Abs, Arms, Butt and Chest.

There are a number of advantages with this Exercise Ball Workout:

  • Proven Exercises
    Only the safest and most effective Stability Ball Exercises are utilized. Better exercises - better results!
  • Everything but the sweating is done for you
    Motivation, Exercise Sequencing, Instruction - we take care of that. You simply need to follow along.
  • Feel & See Results FAST
    You will not believe how fast and well these workouts strengthen and tone your muscles, while burning calories.
  • Convenience
    Do these workouts literally anywhere. As long as you have a device to play the video, you are in business.

Members LOVE the Exercise Ball Workouts HERE on LIVEexercise

Of course we are going to say that, but it's true. Below are some typical comments that you will find on the Exercise Ball Workouts Episode pages:

Tatiana LIVEex Member

"Wow! awesome! I was looking for a class without jumps, weights and something different from my normal routine. perfect match! Thank you, Emily!"

Aly LIVEex Member

"Your ball workouts are fun! I tried years ago but could never get the moves. It’s nice having you as a teacher for it"

Kylie LIVEex Member

"This was great. I have just finished the launchpad series and was looking for something that pushed me but didn’t make me want to give up. I’m so glad I found this series and bought a ball. It’s definitely hard work, but I can do it. So thank you Emily"

Not only will you burn calories and strengthen your muscles, but you will increase your flexibility too. If you don't have an exercise ball to do these groundbreaking classes, go get one.

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