Yoga instructor uses her training to teach amazing Flexibility Workouts, that even the most hardcore athletes do, and rave about.


You Will Move & Feel Better!

Your joints will feel better after the first class. You will wish you found this sooner.

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Flexibility Workouts That You Will Actually Do

Little did we know that Robyn, the director of operations at LIVEexercise had it in her! You see Robyn is a certified yoga instructor, however, teaching traditional Yoga is not her thing. She loves taking the basics of Yoga, and then using that knowledge to teach Flexibility Workouts for athletes. This class has become one of the favorites HERE. Our members (many who will not do yoga) LOVE these classes.

There are a number of advantages with these Flexibility Classes:

  • The Best Stretches
    We lead and guide you through the best poses. These are the ones that have been proven to be the most effective.
  • No Guess Work
    Forget writing or looking at a written routine. We do all of the programming for you. Simply follow along.
  • Better Results
    Our instructors are masters at giving cues and instruction. You will get better results with better form.
  • Convenience
    Open up your hips, shoulders, chest, and ease back pain from anyplace, anytime. These workouts travel!

What Others Are Saying:

Look below to read some of the typical comments after one of these Flexibility Workouts:

Joanna LIVEex Member

"Can't wait for the next one! Thanks!"

Andrew C. LIVEex Member

"Thanks Robyn for another great class! Que tengas una buena semana! :)"

Danny LIVEex Member

"Great class after a leg workout. Awesome!"

Alejandra G. LIVEex Member

"Awesome class Robyn! My Glutes really needed it"

Michelle LIVEex Member

"Repeated this one today after HIIT box. Wow it was great! I'm amazed how much my hips opened this week after doing this one3 times. Love it!!!"

Holly A. LIVEex Member

"Thanks Robyn! Ellie did do it with me and loved the shout out! I had a harder time with the minute of silence than my 11 year old daughter! LOL Great stretches!"

This flexibility workout is the PERFECT compliment to any of the other workouts on LIVEexercise. Exercising your body will create some stiffness and soreness in the body. These classes are the antidote. I promise that you will feel amazing after your very first class - Blake

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