No one, in any gym works their Chest as hard as YOU WILL when you follow these Resistance Bands Chest Workouts


Train Your Chest To The Max

Experience this Non-Stop pec pumping session. All it takes is 10 Minutes! 

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Gym folk have told us for decades that to get a big chest you have to work your chest for hours. We thought that too until we started filming and leading these 10 Minute Resistance Bands Workouts. Once the timer starts you will move from Chest Exercise to Chest Exercise until your pecs hit total exhaustion. This creates a shock to your muscles, which is a good thing.

There are a number of advantages with this workout program:

  • The Most Effective Chest Exercises
    In every fast and furious session you will only do the Chest exercises that have been proven to bring results.
  • Better With A Partner
    You will push extra harder because our instructors (your partners) push themselves to the limit to set the tempo
  • Force Muscle Change
    Place your muscles under new stresses, and they have to adapt. How do they adapt? By getting bigger and stronger.
  • Convenience
    You can fit these quick and effective Chest routines several times into your week, to see amazing results.

What Others Are Saying:

Sure it's great that WE tell you how great these Resistance Bands Chest Workouts are, but you should hear it from the people who actually follow them. Check out some typical reactions from our members below::

Fremy LIVEex Member

"Wowwww!!! THANK YOUUU!!! Brutal…"

Dan D. LIVEex Member

"Been away for a while, but these Tornado series are just what I needed to get back exercising! I have no excuses for not finding 10 minutes to exercise. No excuses left! Scott, you are brilliant! Keep going!"

Derrick 32 LIVEex Member

"First one done and I will definitely add this to my workout. Thanks Scott"

Eric B. LIVEex Member

"Pretty brutal!!!! Glad I watched it first before starting, I’ll need two towels. I like the tornados!"

John R. LIVEex Member

"Awesome! So glad for these fast chest workouts Scott! Perfect for when I can’t commit to a full session. Now I’m warmed up I want to do more."

Tina M. LIVEex Member

"That was AWESOME!!! Thanks Scott. :)"

Your chest is the cornerstone of your physique. Build the chest that you envisioned with these short form workouts. I guarantee that the pump in your chest will blow your mind - Blake

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