Our Story

How we exist and why we exist

How It All Began

In 2009 Bodylastics (Resistance Bands) CEO, Blake Kassel and his team were looking for a solution to offer their customers a better product experience. They were confident that a "LIVE" Daily Streaming Workout would meet the need. So they launched the worlds very first "LIVE" Streaming workout show on November 30th, 2009. The response was so positive that they knew they were on to something. Since then the platform has helped 1000s of people (Including Mr. Kassel) reach their fitness and health goals in their homes, on the road, and everyplace in between.

Our passion is to bring the most incredible Strength, Cardio and Flexibility workouts to you, regardless of where you lay your head.

Changing The Fitness Paradigm

Before 2009 folks were stuck with prerecorded staged workouts that had to be watched over and over. Quickly, they became stale and boring. Eternity Warrior Fit changed the paradigm by creating classes that were Fresh, Raw and Real. Our instructors became the viewers real life workout partners and created a sense of accountability that had NEVER been experienced in At-Home exercise.

We use the most Effective Equipment and Science Based routines to keep you feeling, younger, stronger and more energetic - At Home or anyplace else!

What Makes EWF Different?

We film our workouts Raw And Real, all of the way down to our shooting style (We don't allow Tripods). The goal is to bring the viewer right into the studio working and pushing side by side with our instructors. The result? You will workout harder and better than ever before - guaranteed!