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Bodyweight & Everything Else Strength Workouts

Can you build muscle without traditional types of resistance? HECK YES! Check out the workouts below to take advantage of these super effective routines.

Strength - Best Medicine (Ball)


"Best Medicine" turns your one dimensional medicine ball into a multi-dimensional body toning, fat burning super tool. Follow along with these 15 minute Medicine Ball Workouts to take your medicine ball training and results to the next level.

Level: Beginner To Advanced
Equipment Needed: Medicine Ball

Strength - Chiseled Yoga


Can yoga build some strength? Sure, some. However, when we considered creating a Chiseled Yoga show we had to make it crazy effective for building strength and muscle beyond traditional Yoga, You will Hit poses and you will do reps. Best of all you will get stronger FASTER. Bring a towel for this one!

Level: Advanced
Equipment Needed: None

Strength - Mat Pilates

Strength - MAT PILATES

If you want the long and lean muscles that come with Pilates workouts, but do not have equipment, we have a class for you: Mat Pilates! LIVEexercise takes traditional Mat Pilates and kicks it up a notch. All of the exercises are chosen because they are the toughest and most effective.

Level: Intermediate
Equipment Needed: None

Strength - Power Tower

Strength - POWER TOWER

Your Power tower is SO Much more than just a pull up, and dip bar station. You can create amazing full body Power Tower Workout routines. Let Us show you how. Build your Back, Chest, arms and more with these full length, follow along video sessions.

Level: Beginner to Advanced
Equipment Needed: Power Tower

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