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Free Weight Cardio Workouts

Most People do not think of cardio when they think of free weights. You can absolutely do it, and we have a workout shows here that take it to all new levels. Bring your mojo and a towel!

Cardio - HIIT Box

Cardio - HIIT BOX

Straight from the top heavy bag clubs in Boca Raton comes HIIT Box, a body changing heavy bag workout! This amazing workout format combines Interval Heavy Bag Kickbox training and resistance training. Burn calories and become a bad *ss!!

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Equipment Needed: Heavy Bag, Free Weights

Cardio - Kettlebell Fusion


If you are looking for a Kettlebell Cardio Workout to get stronger and burn fat, the Kettllebell Fusion workouts will do just that! We combined the benefits of Kettlebell training with high intensity cardio movements to effectively burn fat, burn calories and build muscle.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Equipment Needed: Kettlebells

Cardio - LEX Endurance


Can a Home Crossfit Style Wod be as good as a Wod at a cross training gym. Big Time! These LEX endurance workouts are the exact same type of workout that you will find and do at a warehouse "Box". The routines are insane, the results are insane!

Level: Advanced
Equipment Needed: Free Weights/Pull Up Bar

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