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Free Weights

Sure you've got your free weights, but doing the same 3 sets of 10 reps gets boring. Plus, who wants to do it alone? Well, if you have any type of free weights you are going to Love the workouts that we have to offer! Forget thinking up new rep schemes or programs, you can leave that to us! Whether you have Dumbbells, Kettlebells or Barbells, we have amazing follow along routines for each one.

Click on a category below to see which workouts we offer for each one. Once you click on a category you will be able to read descriptions of the shows that we offer in that category.

Strength Building Workouts

Free Weight Strength Workouts

Cardio Workouts

Free Weight Cardio Workouts

Need more information or help? Click HERE to go to the "Find A Workout" video section. The videos give a narrative for each workout show in the category, with a little more flavor from our CEO.

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