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You will find so many Free Weight strength and muscle building workouts episodes here that you will NEVER get bored. All of the follow along routines were written and led by top trainers in the industry. Get ready for your best results and muscle soreness!

Strength - BCX

Strength - BCX

If you like the idea doing a Boot Camp Workout, but can’t make it to a local program, LIVEex has the solution: BCX Boot Camp. BCX is all about variety – combining the most effective training styles possible to burn fat and sculpt muscle all in one workout.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Equipment Needed: Dumbbells/Resistance Bands

Strength - Bench & Barbell

Strength - BENCH & BARBELL

You just assembled your bench and barbell set, now what? Forget the guess work and join in on the Barbell Workouts HERE at LIVEexercise. Better results are guaranteed. All you need is your bench, a barbell and some weight plates. Follow along on your TV or from one of our apps, and leave the rest to us.

Level: Beginner to Advanced
Equipment Needed: Bench, Barbell, Plate Weights

Strength - Chiseled - Dumbbells


What good are dumbbells if you don’t have a great Dumbbell Workout Routine? LIVEex offers one of the best dumbbell workout shows available called Chiseled Dumbbells. You've never used your dumbbells like this! Use the most effective and safest muscle building strategies available.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Equipment Needed: Dumbbells

Strength - Dumbbells 101

Strength - DUMBBELLS 101

If you are brand new to dumbbells training, or are just getting back into it, START with this beginner dumbbell workout. The Dumbbells 101 shows gets back to the basics. No fancy routines here, just classic Bodybuilder splits to build muscle and motor coordination.

Level: Beginner
Equipment Needed: Dumbbells

Strength - Half Rack

Strength - HALF RACK

Your Half Rack is a complete gym! Follow along with these amazing Half Rack Workout routines to work your entire body to the extreme. These types of routines create the results that you are looking for: Stronger Muscles, Leaner Muscles, Bigger Muscles! Start using your half rack today!

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Equipment Needed: Half Rack, Barbell and Weights

Strength - Kettle Better


Blast your muscles and increase strength and power with "Kettle Better", the Best Kettlebell Workout! Each class is Based on the RKC principles and takes about 20 minutes. That is all that you'll need! earn proper form while you struggle, sweat and improve!. Join us!

Level: Beginner to Advanced
Equipment Needed: Kettlebells

Strength - Kettlebell


Our LIVEexercise members asked us for a great Kettlebell workout routine and we listened, so here it is: "LIVEexercise Kettlebells". Follow along with our pro instructor, and work your body to the max in less than 30 minutes. You will be shocked by the results!

Level: Beginner To Advanced
Equipment Needed: Kettlebells

Strength - LEX Hardcore


Have you been wondering what all of the hype is about with the popular "Crossfit Style Workouts". You know the ones where you travel to a warehouse and do Olympic Style lifts in a group setting? Now you can do those exact workouts in your own home with LEX training hardcore!

Level: Advanced
Equipment Needed: Free Weights/Pull Up bar

Strength - Multi-gym

Strength - MULTI-GYM

So, you got your multigym all set what? You need to put on your workout clothes and do some Multigym Workouts :) Don't let that amazing machine become another clothes hanger. Fire up these super effective full body routines to get the most our of your equipment.

Level: Beginner to Advanced
Equipment Needed: Multi-Gym

Strength - 10 Core Bench

Strength - 10 CORE BENCH

Ab Bench Workouts are limited, right? An ab bench is only a piece of equipment to do some brief Abs work. NOT TRUE! You will get an amazing core AND cardio workout with these LIVEex Tornado Ab Bench Workout classes. Use your Abs Bench in ways that you never imagined.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Equipment Needed: Core Bench

Strength - 10 Arms - Dumbbells

Strength - 10 ARMS - DUMBBELLS

This intense Dumbbell Arm Workout series is designed to work your guns to the max in only 10 minutes. Best of all do these routines anywhere, at any time with Dumbbells. You will literally be shocked at how pumped your Biceps and Triceps will be after each fast and furious session.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Equipment Needed: Dumbbells

Strength - 10 Butt - Dummbells

Strength - 10 BUTT - DUMBBELLS

Everyone wants a great backside, right? There's only way to get a great Derriere, and that is by following the best butt lift workout classes to target the Glutes (Gluteus Maximus). LIVEex has created classes that incorporate the best Butt exercises: "10 Minute Tornado Butt".

Level: Intermediate
Equipment Needed: Dumbbells

Strength - 10 Chest - Dumbbells

Strength - 10 CHEST - DUMBBELLS

Develop an incredible Chest by following the LIVEexercise 10 Minute Dumbbell Chest Workout. Chest muscles are not easy to build, they will only grow with top-notch routines, workout consistency, and the right equipment. These shows pack 30 mins of muscle training into Dumbbell routines that require 1/3 the time. Get ready for the incredible pump!

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Equipment Needed: Dumbbells

Strength - 10 Legs - Dumbbells

Strength - 10 LEGS - DUMBBELLS

Do you need a great Leg Dumbbell Workout? LIVEexercise has just what you need! You have probably been taught that to build your legs you need to spend hours in the gym. That used to be true. Not anymore! These super effective Dumbbell Routines take only 10 minutes! Feel the burn today and the soreness tomorrow.

Level: Advanced
Equipment Needed: Dumbbells

Strength 10 WOD - Barbell

Strength - 10 WOD - BARBELL

Get a great "Crossfit Style Workout" Wod At Home in just 10 Minutes when you follow along with the 10 Minute WODs on LIVEexercise. Many LIVEex members who are pressed for time prefer this type of WOD because it's 1/3 the time of a full length routine.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Equipment Needed: Barbell

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