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Blake Kassel
LIVEexercise CEO

About the Founder

Blake Kassel discovered his passion for exercise at a very early age. When he was 10, he attended a bodybuilding show in NYC with his cousins (the Barbarian Brothers). The muscle that the competitors had built on their bodies was AMAZING. He wanted to have muscles too! That's when he began resistance training. Blake is 47 years old now (2017) and in the best shape of his life. Exercise has saved his life in multiple ways and it is his mission to help it save millions of others. He offers you the amazing workouts on this site.

“I always struggled to find the motivation to go to the gym and then to push myself to try harder and work out more regularly. It took me a couple weeks to really get into it but since then, the bands get used 3-4 times per week and I started to look and feel better. Its been almost 2 years and I love it. I almost feel like I know the instructors personally and if I skip a workout or don't catch up I'm letting them down.”

Liam G.
Jane Smith

“Life changing! I have been working out with LiveEx for about 5 years now and my husband has joined me for the past year. There are workouts that suit both of us! My teenage son has even started joining us. I've worked out at a gym before, but I've never been in such great shape and it is because of the variety of workouts available to me each and everyday!”

Michelle Y.
Shane Melaugh

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