Brutal Football Workout | Build Power, Strength

We always knew that elastic resistance would be great for a Football Workout but we had no idea it would be like this! Our football workouts are like nothing else on the planet. Build power and strength that can directly translate to the field, or anywhere else.

WHAT’S Football Training LIKE?



This episode of the LIVEex Football Workout will give you a great example of just how intense and effective this training style can be. Follow along with Steve and Blake your new gridiron instructors/workout partners.

Football Training POD’s (Programs on Demand)

The best way to follow Football Training is by starting a POD. Each POD is a pre-planned schedule of workouts that you follow. Each POD tells you what workout to do on what day and what days to take off. Get great results from any of the Football Training POD’s below.

New to Football Training?
Start with POD 1 to get your feet wet.

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