Dueling Treadmills

Dueling Treadmills POD 05 (Episodes/Workouts 49 to 60)

Program 05 – Three days a week (Episodes/Sessions 49 to 60) – This is not your grandmothers treadmill program! Oh no, this is program installment #5 from the Dueling treadmills series. Follow along with the intervals and “slow belt” exercises in every episode to burn calories and firm your muscles.

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Dueling Treadmills POD 02 (Episodes/Workouts 13 to 24)

Program 02 – Three days a week (Episodes/Workouts 13 to 24) – Take your treadmills training up a few notches with this 4 week Dueling Treadmills program. Follow along with Steve and Cristina as they battle it out with each other and YOU with running, jogging, walking and “slow belt” exercises. Turn your body into […]

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