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Playtime Pros POD 02 (Episodes/Workouts 13 to 24)

Program 02 – Three days a week (Episodes/Workouts 13 to 24) – Keep your kids moving and improving with Program 2 from Playtime Pros. In this month long program they will get their hearts racing and metabolisms cooking with super fun themes like “Video Games”, “Extreme Sports”, and “Armed Forces”. Simply start follow the schedule […]

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Playtime Pros POD 01 – (Episodes/Workouts 1 to 12)

Program 01 – Three days a week (Episodes/Workouts 1 to 12) – Growing bones and muscles need stimulation (exercise). That’s why LIVEexercise created the Playtime Pro series. This is Program 1 for Pros and it includes 4 weeks of fun and super effective workouts. Your kids will sweat while they have a blast. This month […]

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