Playtime Rookies

Playtime Rookies POD 02 (Episodes/Workouts 13 to 24)

Program 02 – Three days a week (Episodes/Workouts 13 to 24) – Keep your little ones (6 to 9 years old) moving, sweating and building healthy exercise habits with Program 2 for Playtime Rookies. This program features episodes led by Blake, Sara and Aaron and feature super fun themes like “Animals” “Everyday Heroes” and “Sea […]

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Playtime Rookies POD 01 (Episodes/Workouts 1 to 12)

Program 01 – Three days a week (Episodes/Workouts 1 to 12) – Get your 6 to 9 year olds off the couch and away from their video to get some needed exercise. This is program 1 from the Playtime Rookies series. They will have a blast while they follow along with Aaron in entertaining and […]

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